Announcing The Art of Personal Power

Have you ever felt excited, nervous, giddy, and a bit afraid all at once?

That’s how I feel right now.

For years I’ve dreamt of expanding my focus from leadership, to the power of the individual.

For years, I’ve dreamt of shifting my primary medium from speaking to writing.

Today, I’m taking these dreams out of my heart and bringing them into reality with my new project, JasonConnell.co.

Most people have been convinced that they are less powerful, less attractive, less capable, less worthy, less ready, and less talented than they truly are. My goal with JasonConnell.co is to help you realize your innate power.

Right now there are two articles on the site, a short one on calling my shot, and a long one on how to love yourself, with plenty to come in the near future.

I’d be honored if you checked them out.

Also, if you’d like to subscribe to JasonConnell.co, you can do so here. Every 10 days I’ll send subscribers updates on my latest articles, interviews, and ideas. As a thank you for subscribing, I’ll also send you an exclusive article on how to develop authentic confidence.

I hope you enjoy. I’m going to pour my heart into this project.

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