What is holding me back?

I usually have trouble starting new projects. Even when the project is as adventurous and exciting as international travel and volunteer work, my first reaction tends to be, “that’s too complicated, too disruptive to my normal routine, and man, it’s easier to just watch ‘Six Feet Under’ with my roommates than it is to get rolling on this trip.” In these situations, the question I ask myself is, “what is really holding me back?” In almost all cases, the honest answer is: me. The most important th...

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Why do I volunteer? The adventure, the satisfaction, and apparently it makes you sexier

I recently changed my facebook status to ask, “Should people give back? Why or why not?” I was pleased to find that this generated a lot of discussion. Nearly everyone chimed in with some form of, “yes, we should give back.” There were almost as many reasons as there were posters. One reason that was completely overlooked, was that it makes you sexier. Seriously.  Check this study out. I think there are numerous reasons why we should give back. I’d like to explain ...

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Mission Statement

I only know a little bit, but I want to share it. When I was 19 I got bored with school in America. I left college and traveled until my money ran out. It was cool. Now, four years later, I run a speaking and consulting business. I help people, primarily college students, extend their reach and get involved with international development projects. This blog is dedicated to exploring and discussing the few topics I know about: young business, globalization, and the demanding art of being a modern...

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