Away from the world for three weeks

Melting in melodies


I’ve been a bit irresponsible. For the past – if I’m being honest, nearly year – I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I’ve strongly felt that I am capable of giving more of myself to my clients, my family, readers, my girlfriend, my friends, and the world, but I’ve had no idea how to do that. I’ve been too busy focusing on the day-to-day, without allowing serious space into my life to dream.

What this means, at least to me, is that I’ve become misaligned with myself. Like anyone else, I have a small bag of tricks when it comes to reconnecting to myself. I journal, I spend time meditating, I spontaneously take time off of work, I run ideas by friends and solicit their feedback, I try to catch up on sleep and eat a lot of greens. You know the drill.

Of late, none of that has worked to fully calibrate myself. And if I am being super honest I knew it wouldn’t work because I know what I need: serious time away from everything thats normal to me. For me, that means stepping back from the digital world, stepping back from my life in DC, stepping back from my habits and routines and stepping into something totally new and different.

When you strip away everything that is normal to you, and you allow yourself to just be present without stress or pressure, what remains is your core. Your fears, your joys, your insecurities, your wildest dreams, the lies you’ve been telling yourself, the triumphs you forgot to notice – suddenly they all become crystal clear.

So I’m stepping away from the world for a bit. I’ll be in Central America for three weeks. I’ll do some surfing and exploring, but mostly I’ll be alone in nature, reflecting on life, dreaming bigger and bigger dreams until I find the true one.

I’ll tell you all about it when I return in mid February.

Pura Vida,


PS If you’re interested in more details on how I approach these personal retreats, or interested in possibly doing one yourself(!!!) you can read more here.


Photo credit: “Melting in Melodies” by Reji

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