Back to blogging (sorry for the hiatus!)

Thank you for sticking with me on this blog! I apologize for not updating more frequently. Here is a quick overview of what has been distracting me:

1) Writing my second article for University Affairs. It will be coming out in the February issue. I’m psyched. I’ll post a link here when it’s published.

2) Developing a partnership with an NGO who has operations on three continents. In either 2012 or 2013 I will be designing and directing a project with them. This will mean that the participants of the Changing the World 101 programs will have direct channels for getting involved globally. The details are still being ironed out so I can’t make formal announcements just yet, but as I can tell you more in the coming months, I will.

3) Writing and debuting a new training on leadership. I am particularly proud of this. I stayed up until 4am the night before it’s premiere completing and rehearsing the program. The response was overwhelmingly positive. This training will eventually become it’s own animal and the second official seminar under the Changing the World 101 banner.

4) Getting my first speeding ticket (that sucked).

5) Developing a coaching program for people who really want to get involved globally. I am seriously thinking about making this free to anyone who is interested. It will guide participants through deciding if volunteering in the third world is right for them, choosing a country to go to, finding and getting into a great organization, fundraising so the trip doesn’t cost a penny, and then dealing with culture shock and reverse culture shock. The program is slated to go beta either this month or next with about 150 students and then completely live at some point in 2011.

Stay tuned. I promise I will be updating much more frequently this month. I plan to do a 2010 in review series.


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