Changing the World 101 is now Ignited Leadership!

I am very excited to announce that Changing the World 101 is now Ignited Leadership!

Don’t worry – the Changing the World 101 program that provides students and young adults with a complete roadmap for global service and leadership is alive and well! In fact as you read this I will be on a nation-wide tour presenting Changing the World 101 seminars to young leaders across America.

So what is Ignited Leadership exactly?

In the past both my live events and my social business were named “Changing the World 101.” Ignited Leadership is now the name of the social business and Ignitedleadership.com is the online headquarters of:

I am extremely proud of Escape the Matrix and Lead. When I first started helping millennials get involved with global service, I saw that there was a lack of high quality and effective modern leadership trainings for young adults. Leadership is currently seen as something developed by mega-rich adults in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who have made and spent millions – often billions – of dollars in their life. While there is nothing wrong with that, it makes connecting to leadership in a deep way virtually impossible for modern young adults.

Escape the Matrix and Lead solves that problem. I spent nearly three years developing Escape. I began by studying leadership – I read everything from  “The Art of War” through the “Leadership Challenge.” I interviewed some of the world’s most talented leaders from business, government, education, and non-profits. Then, I started testing different methods of helping millennials lead at their highest level. Quietly I offered seminars and workshops on leadership. I learned what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to training world changing leaders.

And the End Result is Escape the Matrix and Lead.

Escape is designed, and in fact it’s guaranteed, to help millennials become the type of leaders who improve their own lives, campuses, companies, countries, and ultimately our wider global community.  You can learn more about Escape here.

New Contact Info:
I have also updated my contact info and social media.
Email: Jason@Ignitedleadership.com
Phone: 202-595-9387
Twitter (which I promise I’ll actually use this time): @Ignitedleaders
Facebook (ditto the above promise): www.facebook.com/ignitedleadership

The Changing the World 101 monthly newsletter dedicated to effective modern leadership and civic engagement will live on as the Ignited Leadership newsletter and will continue to come to you once a month.

To kick off the new Ignited Leadership Blog I will be releasing the first of a three part series on how to find your passion and maximize your creativity next Wednesday, February 29th, so be sure to check the blog then.

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