Changing the World 101


The world changes one person at a time


Led by international seminar leader Jason Connell, a 28-year old world traveler who has volunteered in some of the world’s poorest regions, Changing the World 101 paints an authentic, compelling and stirringly personal portrait of human life around the world beyond the “typical” American experience.  Through Jason’s brilliant, engaging and personable style, audiences clearly envision this reality outside their borders; and more vitally, they feel the truth of it in their heart.The world changes one person at a time. It is as simple as that. It is as complicated as that.”


Indeed, as Jason honestly admits, many of the stories featured in Changing the World 101 are difficult to hear. They hail from a world that may seem impossible for many Americans to imagine. For example, in Thailand Jason listened to a 16-year-old sex slave share her staggering experiences, while in Uganda, he met a woman who was forced to watch as her family was murdered by a rebel army.

Of course, while identifying, discussing and exploring where the world needs changing is essential information; it’s not enough. Action is needed, and that’s why Changing the World 101 provides audiences with a realistic, practical, and proven roadmap for creating a better global reality.


Jason_Microlending_Directors_Uganda-300x225Jason intimately explains what kinds of positive action works in the developing world – and what doesn’t (despite the best of intentions). He shares realistic strategies for traveling and volunteering internationally, with a special focus on fundraising and corporate sponsorships that offset or eliminate expenses. And perhaps most importantly, Jason spends quality time teaching audiences how to overcome the mental roadblocks that can prevent them from taking action in the first place – issues such as fear, confusion, lack of support, lack of resources, and lack of self-confidence.

Ultimately, audiences who are fortunate enough to experience Changing the World 101 become encouraged, empowered, and equipped to do that one thing that, truly, could mean everything: change the world.


The program’s founder Jason Connell guarantees that participants will self-identify that the program has increased their likelihood for participation in local and global service – or they’ll receive a full refund.


Schools, organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and others who want to launch Changing the World 101 in their environment can get more details by calling 202-595-9387 or emailing Jason@IgnitedLeadership.com.

Students are also invited to reach out and request that we work with their school to schedule and deliver this transformative, one-of-a-kind program.


“Jason Connell’s “Changing the World 101? is an empowering and transformational experience. Our students are moved emotionally – and moved to action – with students following dreams of service to Africa and beyond. We’ve hosted Jason two years in a row now, and each time I receive numerous comments from students on how this was one of the highest quality encounters they’ve had in their college life. It is Powerful!” – Rodney Ekstrom, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Plymouth State University

“Jason was very informative, funny, engaging and proved to be extremely effective. At the end Jason took the time to answer my personal questions. Using many of the strategies that Jason suggested, I raised over $2,000 at my fundraising event. I never imagined reaching my fundraising goal in one night! Jason gave me the know-how and the confidence I needed to build an effective and successful fundraiser helping me raise all the money I needed for my volunteer trip.” – Katrina Kaiser, Student Volunteer in Uganda, Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program



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