Does Escape the Matrix work?

The aim of my work with Escape the Matrix and Lead is to build leaders who build a better world. A natural question: can a seminar really do that?

The answer is both yes and no.  A seminar alone cannot change your life and it cannot morph you into an amazing leader. In order for the seminar to be effective, the participant has to take action. A good seminar can give you the mindset, action steps, and tools needed to help develop yourself into an effective leader, but it comes down to you to take action.

The post below is written by Legairre Radden, the Senior Class President at Central Connecticut State University. I’ve had the privilege of working with Legairre twice in Escape the Matrix seminars. Below, in his words, is his experience with Escape.  Though Legairre’s personal path is unique to him, I’m humbled to report that he is among thousands of millennials who have successfully taken action after an Escape seminar and went on to seriously boost their confidence, form a deep connection to themselves, and become an effective leader. Here’e Legairre:

This past November I had the opportunity to attend the ACUI Region 1 conference. It was a great conference but what I was most surprised about was that Jason Connell would be the keynote speaker and he would be delivering his Escaping the Matrix presentation. At the moment I thought to myself “wow I’ve heard this before let’s see what I learned”. I instantly thought back to how I met Jason and how my life was totally 180 from where it was 6 months ago. So When Jason asked me if I would share my story I was only too happy to have the chance to let people know how much it has impacted my life.

My story starts a year ago. In February I had an amazing opportunity as a junior in college at Central Connecticut State University I had the chance to attend the COSGA conference at Texas A&M. I was super excited to soak in all the knowledge I could; little did I know it would be a life changing experience.

I remember being gathered into an auditorium and looking up at the screen to see binary code from the matrix. Then all of a sudden this extremely confident and friendly guy comes out and starts telling us stories about his life and experiences. Then he tells us about how technology is giving us a watered down sense of connection and it hit me. From that moment on I hung on every word he said and I let it sink in, let the concepts and ideas take root in my brain. After the presentation I was excited to take myself on a date and to be truly open and honest with myself.

Once I got back home I took a look at an email Jason had sent everyone on deep questions to better get to know ourselves. At first glance I hated it. I hated the vulnerability and the uneasy feeling, but then I thought back to what Jason said about feeling vulnerable to build confidence. I decided to tackle the list of question one by one, taking 20 minutes 2 times a week to “reconnect” with myself.  It was a long and interesting process to say the least which took a good portion of the summer. After that I decided to make a map of what I wanted and where I wanted to go, setting goals and planning out how to obtain them as Jason had suggested.

The next thing I knew all the pieces started to fall together at once.  As an SGA Senator I decided to run for a higher up Senate position and got it as well as being elected chair of a committee (which was a combination of 4 older committees). From there I got a promotion in my role as a Resident Assistant and was able to run and manage a floor all on my own, then I was asked to be the new president of the schools Biology Club as well.  I thought things couldn’t get better and then next thing I knew I was elected Senior Class president too!  Once I took a moment to reconnect with myself I was better at connecting with others and I was happier too. I was so successful because success comes from being connected to yourself and others.

Jason’s program to reconnect worked wonders and made me a more confident and connected leader, which people were able to see and feel through the interactions we had.

In short, Escape the Matrix worked wonders for my self-esteem and my confidence. Tearing down the walls that vulnerability built was one of the best things I could have done. It rebuilt my confidence and others confidence in me while also teaching me how to find myself again. It helped me set my goals and now I am applying to graduate schools to work on my PhD, which I wouldn’t have thought about if I hadn’t taken the time to get to know myself again. It showed me what I am capable of while also showing me my strengths that have evolved over the years.


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