Unfetter your imagination and access your power


At its core, leadership is about personal power. It’s about individuals cultivating their internal storehouse of insights, paradigms, awareness, knowledge and inspiration to create positive change – and make a lasting difference. Is leadership an action?“How do we create a better world? Simple. We create better leaders.”

An outcome? An expectation? A process? A promise? It’s all of these things — but that’s just scratching the surface! That’s the essence of leadership. And it’s precisely what young leaders will experience through Escape the Matrix and Lead.


Escape the Matrix and Lead is an engaging, exciting and highly interactive experience that transforms today’s inspired young adults into tomorrow’s visionary leaders at both the local and international level.

Escape the Matrix and Lead liberates today’s young adults from the gripping “matrix” of meaningless, distracting and dehumanizing white noise – endless texts, emails, calls, pokes, Tweets, parties, social demands, professional demands, and more – so they can make a transformative difference on both a personal and professional level.

Escape the Matrix is NOT a static lecture or traditional workshop. It maximizes participation by eroding the traditional conceptual boundary that separates presenter and audience. As a result, participants are empowered to co-create the learning event so that it surpasses their expectations, and makes a profound impact that will last throughout their inspired — and inspiring — lives.


Escape the Matrix and Lead is for both seasoned young adult leaders, and those who aspire to develop into engaging, influential leaders of tomorrow. It’s designed to encourage and empower participants to cultivate their personal power so they can:

  • change their lives for the better
  • change their communities for the better
  • change the world for the better

Escape the Matrix and lead helps young adults cut through the white noise of a fragmented, hyper-connected lifestyle, connect to the personal power hidden inside true vision, and translate their dreams into reality.


The program’s founder Jason Connell guarantees that participants will self-identify that the program has increased their ability to lead – or they’ll receive a full refund.

And the reason Jason can offer this guarantee is because he has worked with and interviewed effective young adult leaders from across the world, and carefully analyzed what makes them effective. In addition, as part of the genesis of this groundbreaking program, Jason interviewed top executives from Fortune 100 companies, senior government officials, founders and executive directors at NGOs, and many others. He also extensively studied current and ancient leadership wisdom, and distilled principles that are essential for modern transformative leadership.

Add it all up, and Jason has a “PhD” in what today young adults want, need, demand and deserve when it comes to leading and leadership.


  • How to cultivate their personal power through an effective and rapid method of connecting to themselves (it only takes one afternoon to learn!), in order to experience astonishing levels confidence, clarity and inspiration.
  • How to define and launch towards true, authentic leadership.
  • How to develop confidence by transmuting fear and anxiety into passion and inner-strength.
  • How to create and execute their vision as a leader — whether it’s as straightforward as personal development or as sophisticated as global poverty reduction.
  • How to liberate their imagination and strive towards goals, accomplishments and results that many others (and perhaps even themselves!) consider “impossible.”
  • How to identify and avoid the “instant gratification curse” and ensure that energy levels – both their own and the teams they lead – remain high through projects and campaigns.


Schools, organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and others who want to launch Escape the Matrix and Lead in their environment can get more details by calling 202-595-9387 or emailing Jason@ignitedleadership.com.

Students are also invited to reach out and request that we work with their school to schedule and deliver this transformative, one-of-a-kind program.


“Escape the Matrix and Lead” was a red pill that you swallowed just by sitting down and listening. Jason Connell’s presentation on opens doors you never knew were there as he delves into the distractions that keep us from ourselves. Everyone left the hall analyzing their leadership tendencies, but more importantly, asking themselves the question: “Am I happy?” – Jordan Gray, Millersville University

“Jason Connell and his message Escape the Matrix and Lead was completely inspiring. His message is perfect for the beginning leader, and the 109 year old politician! His message can affect a diverse crowd and really hit home to those in search of his/her inner leader. Not only does Jason Connell’s message help leaders, but I believe his “Escape the Matrix” message can help anyone to become a better individual.” Brandy Roberts, Student Body President, West Texas A&M University



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