At this moment, what’s holding you back?


At this moment, what’s holding you back?

Regardless of the country, community or culture in which this question is asked, aspiring leaders invariably offer the same set of answers: lack of money, lack of time, lack of resources, lack of connections, lack of power…and the list of lacks goes on…and on…and on.

“Genuinely fearless leaders are in a category unto themselves. They own themselves and command their reality. Their impact cannot be estimated by numbers or captured by words. They don’t just lead others – they transform lives, shape futures, and change the world.”

And while these answers are sincere, they only scratch the surface. They speak to the symptoms — of which there are many; and overlook the disease – of which there is one.

The disease is fear. And helping aspiring leaders master the art and science of observing, owning and overcoming their fear so they can transform it into genuine action is the life altering — and world changing — purpose of the Fear and Confidence.

About the Program

The Fear and Confidence cultivates an uncommon – yet indispensable — level of confidence in aspiring leaders by focusing on the three core phases that transforms debilitating fear into energizing fearlessness: Progressive Desensitization, Habit Development, and Self-Compassion.

Phase 1: Progressive Desensitization

In this phase, participants discover how to objectively and clearly examine their beliefs, so they can identify the underlying fears that are holding them back. From there, they learn how to break free through the process of progressive desensitization, which involves dismantling each fear into smaller components and overcoming each aspect – beginning with small and steady steps, and ending with spectacular, elaborate leaps that propel participants forward into their destinies as tomorrow’s inspired and unforgettable leaders.

Phase 2: Habit Development

In this phase, participants learn the secrets of developing high leverage habits through a variety of practices and tools that include journaling, creativity exercises, gratitude practices, mindful reading, and more. Each participant is instructed on and empowered to create a customized habit development program that fits their personality, preferences and passions. And just as importantly, participants learn how to make their new leadership habits stick and “put their awesomeness on autopilot”, so they can achieve a level of influence and impact beyond their wildest imagination.

Phase 3: Self-Compassion

In this phase, participants learn what, for many, will be the most intricate — yet most rewarding — aspect of their journey: how to love themselves by changing their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Ultimately, participants come to discover — some through tears of amazement, relief and gratitude — three ancient universal leadership truths: we are all deeply connected in our innermost core; self-compassion is both the engine and the essence of transformational leadership; the challenge to lead and build a better world is really a test of love.

The Benefits

Led by Jason Connell, one of the world’s foremost authorities on visionary leadership for young adults, participants who experience the Fear and Confidence can look forward to reaping an array of benefits that include learning how to:
• Fully own themselves and cast away the “white lies” that, essentially, hold them back
• Develop genuine confidence by aligning their internal reality with their external experience
• Commit to creating the same sense of joy and success for other people as they want for themselves
• Eliminate vampires from their lives who may mean well, yet steal invaluable energy and priceless time
• Prioritize their mental and physical health so they avoid burnout
• Create room in their lives for the ineffable “wonder” of spiritual experience and insight
• Connect with the human experience at both the personal and universal levels in a deep, genuine way
• Avoid chasing success before learning to love themselves, which is nothing more than “sophisticated self-loathing”

Expert Crafted

The Fear and Confidence program is rooted in several core yet complimentary sources, including: cognitive behaviour psychology, the science of human interaction, neurology, evolutionary psychology, Eastern and Stoic philosophy, yoga, a deep analysis of exceptional leaders, and essential input from certified life coaches and psychologists who have worked with influential leaders from all walks of life, including business, politics, academia, athletics, entertainment and more.


Like all Ignited Leadership’s programs, The Fear and Confidence is guaranteed to be effective. If participants don’t feel that the program has empowered them with the tools, knowledge and insights transform their fear into confidence – and immediately make a positive impact in their professional and personal lives – then they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.
[Note: For over 4 years and across 4 countries, Jason Connell has delivered hundreds of speeches and training events, and not a single participant or organization has ever asked for a refund. In fact, 80% of them re-hire Jason. Read some of their accolades here.]

Getting started

Representatives of workshops, seminars, conferences, colleges & universities, businesses, and all other organizations that work with entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries can learn more about launching The Fear and Confidence in their environment by calling 202-595-9387 or emailing Jason@IgnitedLeadership.com.



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