Hacking your fundraiser part 2

This is a continuation from part 1, which you can read here.

3) Ask for a specific amount of money and explain where it is going

What would you do if one of your friends came up to you and said, “Can I please have some money?” If you’re anything like me, you would just say “no.” That type of request is so vague it makes me uncomfortable. And asking for an unclear amount of money for an unclear use, generally makes people uncomfortable – even  friends. The problem is that there are no expectations. Your friend could be asking for $38,000 to buy a new car, or for twenty-five cents to buy a new super-ball, you just don’t know.

Now lets imagine a similar situation with just a few small changes. What if that same friend came up to you and said, “Can I please have five or ten bucks to buy lunch?” Would you be more likely to say yes? I would. I know how much money my friend wants and where it’s going.

This is all very common – vague requests for money make people uncomfortable and less likely to break open their wallet. It is important to keep this in mind when you build your fundraiser. If you simply say, “please donate now” people will not know what is expected of them. They will feel uncomfortable donating to you.

Instead of saying “please donate now”, ask for a specific amount, perhaps $5 – $50, and explain where the money is going. This will make people more comfortable being asked for donations, and that comfort translates into more funds raised!

4) Put the donation in perspective

One final approach for helping people feel great about donating to your fundraiser is to put the donation you are asking for in perspective. In other words, try to explain to your potential donors exactly how their donation can make a difference. Help them understand that what may seem trivial to you or I, can be very helpful for others.

Lets say you are raising money to help impoverished children in Uganda lead more stable lives by providing food and education. When you ask for a donation, explain how powerful the donation will be. Consider saying something along the lines of, “In America, $5.00 isn’t even  enough to buy a cocktail at a bar. In Uganda $5.00 will buy food for a hungry child for several days. In America $50 isn’t even enough money for a couple to go on a classic dinner and movie date. In Uganda $50 is easily enough to take a chunk out of a child’s education expenses. Please donate $5-$50 now to help these kids.”

By using any, or all, of the four strategies discussed to hack your fundraiser, you will raise more money and help your donors feel great about giving to the cause. Good luck!

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