Haiti: Part 1 – photos

The truth is I don’t know how to begin discussing my trip to Haiti. I am deeply disturbed by the thought that many people are forced to endure the poverty I experienced in Haiti. I believe there is resilience in the human spirit. I believe that progress is possible for individuals and societies. I do have hope.

I think I’ll discuss the trip in three parts.

The first part, below is a collection of the 12 photos that best captured what I saw. The second part will be a narrative of the experience. And the third part will be an analysis of what we can do to help.

I am not a great photographer so please keep the following in mind as you look at these photos:

1) The earthquake the rocked Haiti took place in January of 2010. These photos were taken in April of 2012.

2) Had the fates dealt the cards ever so slightly differently you and I could be living in Haiti.

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