How to make yourself slightly happier

Want to make yourself slightly happier? The make someone else slightly happier.

Walk down the street and see how many strangers you can get to smile. Do this by making eye contact with the person passing you, and smiling at them. Compete in this with one of your friends – loser has to buy an ice-cream sundae for the winner.

Or play a game that I play with a few of my high school friends called “make the cashier (or waiter, receptionist, flight attendant etc) laugh.” The game is self-explanatory – buy something with a few friends, and try to get the cashier to laugh while he or she is checking you out. My preferred (and immature) approach is to make fun of my friend while he is buying something.

But why only make yourself slightly happier? Because that’s how happiness and all awesome things work. They are perpetual works in progress that are only developed through consistent baby steps.

Our confidence and happiness, the projects that will make the world a better place, and the accomplishments that define a life, take time. Often a lot of time. The trick is to always be making slight progress.

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