Ignited Leadership


Ignited Leadership is dedicated to creating leaders who CHANGE THE WORLD


Ignited Leadership is a dynamic human service organization that is dedicated to building a better world.

Through our unforgettable training and speaking events, we show today’s young adults the potential, power and promise of local and global civic engagement – so they can elevate their minds, hearts and horizons and serve as tomorrow’s visionary leaders.

Ultimately, those who experience our “Escape the Matrix and Lead” or “Changing the World 101” events are encouraged, empowered, and equipped to do that one thing that, truly, could mean everything:

Change the World.

Take those three ordinary, everyday words – Change the World – and put them together.

Suddenly, you tap into a special kind of power, momentum, and purpose that has been at the root of all human progress since our ancestors first gazed upon a new world and said deep within themselves, things could be better.

And they were right!

Certainly, there is plenty to be thankful for — or to put things more precisely, there are plenty of people to be thankful to; people who courageously reached beyond their intellectual, emotional and even geographic boundaries to change the world. People who stepped outside their comfortable today and exchanged it for an unknown tomorrow that promised no easy answers, but instead beckoned forth with that ancient, uniquely human challenge: change the world.

And still, despite all that has been achieved by these amazing people – people whose contribution, courage, compassion and commitment to changing the world is impossible to measure — we must boldly admit this undeniable fact: THERE IS STILL WORK TO DO!

The challenge to change the world still echoes – passionately, thunderously and forcefully – in the forgotten places of our small planet. It exists in the corners and alleys where the current story of human existence is not told in terms of luxuries, comforts, and ambitions, but rather in shocking, tragic, violent, disturbing, and all-too-real accounts of unnecessary human suffering: slavery, malnourishment, child warfare, preventable disease epidemics, systemic discrimination, perpetual war zones…and, sadly, the list goes on.

Put it all together, and it means this: once again, and now more than ever, it’s time to change the world. And making it happen is the mission of Ignited Leadership.