Isolation is an illusion

The most significant thing that I learned from travelling the world for three years is that isolation is an illusion. I first realized this in Thailand.

There is a quiet epidemic taking place across the developed world. Stricken with blind ambition, the desire for more stuff, and huge amounts of screen time, many people in the Western world quietly feel isolated and meaningless.

I’ve been there a million times and if you’re being honest with yourself you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The reason we feel isolated is because we are forever focused on the minutia that separates you from me: income, education, skin color, sexual orientation, SAT scores, etc.

When you focus on how you’re different from everyone else, inevitably you’ll feel isolated and somehow disconnected from the shared human experience.

And yet, there is a still point that rests beneath everything, the still point of shared human experience, of being alive for no apparent reason, and living on this amazing spinning blue planet.

We are all connected by the desire to love and be loved, the yearning for genuine human connection, the pursuit of happiness, the avoidance of pain, and the inevitable suffering that goes along with the human condition.

When you shift your focus from the things that separate you from everyone else to the things that connect you to everyone else you’ll notice that the sense of isolation melts away. In its place you find a sense of calm, confidence, connection, and purpose.

Focus on the shared still points and realize that the sense of isolation so many of us endure is nothing more than an illusion.

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