I started Ignited Leadership four days after I graduated from college. I used to dread going to see speakers when I was a student. Most of them were dry, difficult to follow, and totally static.

My commitment to myself – and more importantly – to my audiences, is to truly connect to, engage with, entertain, and equip the people who come to my live events to live better lives as engaged and effective leaders.

Behind the scenes I work with master teachers, psychologists, theater directors, comedians, poets, writers, and artists to make sure that my live events are good as they possibly can be. It probably doesn’t hurt that I was a professional magician for nine years as well (and yes, every now and then a magic trick sneaks into my talks – especially the leadership accelerator).

I’m so confident that you’ll enjoy the experience and grow because of it, that all my work is guaranteed. What it boils down to is this: if you are an event coordinator and you book an event, or if you are an audience member and you purchase a ticket and you feel that I have failed to keep my promises, let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked. I’ve had the privilege of speaking for more than 50,000 people and 100 colleges, universities, businesses, conferences, and other institutions in the past five years. So far 0 have asked for a refund. But don’t take my word for it, you can read what other people have to say about the experience here.

So, which event is right for you and your conference?

Changing the World 101 – the goal of Changing the World 101 is simple: equip participants to begin making the changes that our world so desperately needs with a focus on the developing world. Participants learn: how to embrace the power of the individual, how to become fundraising ninjas, how to turbo charge their confidence to take action, and how to find or start sustainable organizations that do both good and well. Learn more here….

Escape the Matrix – leadership is a process and Escape the Matrix helps participants master that process. You begin by understanding the heart of modern leadership and forming a deep connection with yourself and your vision. From there you learn how to unfetter your imagination, develop genuine confidence, create a workable action plan, navigate through failure, maintain motivation, and perhaps most importantly of all, take action. Learn more here…

The Leadership Accelerator – sometimes you just need to add a few more tools to your toolbox. Want to bring out your natural charisma? Looking to quickly build a powerful network? Need to become more persuasive? Or manage your time (or stress) better? The Leadership Accelerator will help you do all of these things and more by teaching you high leverage, actionable, strategies for some of the most essential leadership skills. Learn more here…

Fear and Confidence (under development, launching late 2014) – this program is still underdevelopment, but I can tell you this: it’s test runs have been insane. In the words of one participant who was part of a test run in April, “holy **** you just changed my life. I understand what was missing now. Thank you. I am going to start really living.” The goal of Fear and Confidence is to help participants develop genuine confidence (none of this fake it until you make it BS) so that they can build the life and organization of their dreams. Fear and Confidence will launch in late 2014.

To book any of the live Ignited Leadership events, please email Jason@ignitedleadership.com or call 202-595-9387.

How I work with event coordinators and conference planners to ensure success

Step 1: we schedule a 20-30 minute call. My goal during this call is to understand your vision for your event and figure out how I can best serve you. If I’m not the best match, I’ll help you find the speaker who is.

Step 2: 1-2 months ahead of your event a small portion of your attendees will receive a survey. This survey asks questions to help me understand what’s happening in the lives and work of your attendees. Their responses are used to customize the event to ensure maximal impact.

Step 3: 1 month ahead of the event, I send you an outline with projected learning outcomes, teaching techniques, and the overall feel of the event. If there are additional learning outcomes or features you’d like to add, they get added during this stage.

Step 4: 1 week prior to the event we touch base on the phone to go over any pertinent details, new information, and review the action plan for the day of your event.

Step 5: Live event!

Step 6: 3-10 days after the event we will schedule a debriefing call. It’s important to me that you and your audience were satisfied with how everything went and this is my chance to check in and ensure your satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about working together or chatting? I can be reached directly at: Jason@ignitedleadership.com and 202-595-9387.

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