One of my proudest pranks

For as long as I can remember I have loved playing pranks. It’s one of my passions. The following is the story of one of the pranks I’m most proud of.

My roommate Will and I have a long history. We were placed together randomly during the freshmen housing lottery at our college in Florida and today, 9 years later, we share an apartment in Washington, DC.

Beginning during the first semester of sophomore year, every Friday when we got out of class, Will and I would meet back at our dorm and have a drink together. The drink was an excuse to celebrate the weekend and a way to make sure that we were spending time together as close friends (and not just roommates).

As you know, after my sophomore year of college I dropped out of school to travel. When I finished travelling I transferred to a college in Canada. A year after graduation, I moved to Washington, DC and back in with Will.

When I returned, Will and I resumed the tradition of grabbing a drink together every Friday. Now, when work finishes for the week, we go to the best bar in DC, Red Derby.

Red Derby’s menu looks like this:

RD Menu - real


If you read the menu, you’ll notice that they lack two bar food staples: Buffalo Wings, and BLTs.

One day Will and I stole a few copies of their menu. Will has a keen eye for detail and recreated Red Derby’s menu on his computer in Microsoft Word. He then changed two items on the menu. He replaced the “Fresh Veggies in Buttermilk Ranch” with “Buffalo Wings with Buttermilk Ranch or Blue Cheese” and the “Foot Long Fish Dog & Fries” with “BLT & Fries”.

We then printed out 50 copies of our new menu. To make it look legit, we weathered the menus by gently crumbling and spilling beer on them. You can see a copy of our fake menu below (make note of the 5th and 10th items from the top of the fake menu below, compared to the 5th and 10th items on the real menu above) :

RD Menu - fake

Armed with our doctored menus, Will and I went to Red Derby. Relying on a bit of sleight of hand from my magic days, I replaced all of Red Derby’s bar menus with Will’s and my doctored menus.

We waited until a few of our fake menus had been passed out to other clients at the bar and then asked our favorite bartender, Anne-Marie, if we could look at a food menu. Of course, since I switched all of the real menus for our fake menus, Anne-Marie unknowingly handed us one of our doctored menus.

Will looked at the menu, and – with both of us holding back hysterical laughter- ordered the Buffalo Wings.

Anne-Marie freaked out.

She was shocked that no one at the bar had told her that they added a new item. In her excitement she texted one of her friends to tell him that Red Derby finally had Buffalo Wings and that he needed to come over quick.

Anne-Marie went to the kitchen the place the order, and the cook looked at her like she was a crazy person. The cook assured her that they did not have Buffalo Wings, that they never have had Buffalo Wings, and that she must be confused.

Anne-Marie came back and very sweetly apologized to Will and I for the confusion, explaining that they don’t actually have Buffalo Wings.

Will, without batting an eye said, “No problem, let me get the BLT.”

Anne-Marie and several other bartenders proceeded to get extremely confused as to what sort of witch craft was going on with their menus.

Eventually Will and I fessed up and we all had a good laugh about it.

It was a truly beautiful prank and one I’m very proud to have been a part of.

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