Stop waiting for approval

If I were to teach a leadership master class, I think that the first things I would teach are to love yourself and to stop waiting for approval.

You know that dream you’ve been putting off? Whose permission are you waiting for before you start? Your parents’? Your boss’s? The dean’s? Your friend’s? Society’s? Father time’s?

You know what actually gives these people authority over you? Nothing.

Well actually that’s not correct. You give them authority over you. You chose to transfer your power of agency from yourself to them.

In some ways this is comfortable – it gives you an excuse when things go wrong, and removes the responsibility to flourish and be amazing. Transferring your power to some other authority enables you to be lazy and claim that it’s not your fault.

If you really want to lead, if you really want to change the world, if you really want to change lives, then stop waiting for approval or blessing from someone else. You don’t need it. You never did. Take the power back and start giving yourself approval.

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