-Rina Tovar, Vice President of Campus Life and Student Success, Stetson University

“There was something so refreshing about his candid attitude and brutal honesty that left everyone in the room hanging onto his every word…. His approach to speaking with the students was a far-cry from the rigid speakers I had in college; the lecture was more like having an intimate discussion with somebody that has great insights on entrepreneurship.”  –InTheCapital.com  Read the full article here.

“Last month, the University of Kentucky welcomed Jason Connell as its keynote speaker for the Lead UK 2014 Conference.  Jason was so attentive to the needs of our campus, conference team and students.  As the planning team sat around our conference room table telling Jason everything we wanted our conference to be, he excitedly took notes on the other end of the phone.  Every piece of direction and information we shared with him was used during his visit on campus.  His ability to translate our dreams into reality, goals into action and students into leaders has left me speechless.

Jason’s dedication to students and leadership is undeniable and it was so refreshing to see!  A few weeks after the conference, our office interviewed students for positions in our leadership ambassador program and many students mentioned in their interviews the excitement and passion Jason shared at our conference and their desire to want to share that opportunity other students.   Jason Connell and his message are genuine, useful and game changing for students!”  – Tori Amason, Program Director for Leadership Education, University of Kentucky

“Jason serves as a wonderful resource to the field of leadership development and we cannot thank him enough for his contribution.” –Ross Beitzel, NASPA Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community

“Jason Connell’s “Changing the World 101″ is an empowering and transformational experience.  Our students are moved emotionally – and moved to action – with students following dreams of service to Africa and beyond.  We’ve hosted Jason two years in a row now, and each time I receive numerous comments from students on how this was one of the highest quality encounters they’ve had in their college life.  It is Powerful!” –Rodney Ekstrom, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Plymouth State University

“Jason, I absolutely loved your presentation and workshops. I greatly benefited from both because you presented logical and realistic solutions for realizing one’s dreams of traveling and volunteering internationally. Immediately after your workshops my roommate and I decided that no matter what, we are going to begin seeing the world for ourselves. We wasted no time and began generating realistic ideas for our trips to the developing world. Thanks!”  –Haley Sciola, Student, Plymouth State University

“Jason was very informative, funny, engaging and proved to be extremely effective. At the end Jason took the time to answer my personal questions. Using many of the strategies that Jason suggested, I raised over $2,000 at my fundraising event. I never imagined reaching my fundraising goal in one night! Jason gave me the know-how and the confidence I needed to build an effective and successful fundraiser helping me raise all the money I needed for my volunteer trip.” –Katrina Kaiser, Student Volunteer in Uganda, Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program

“Jason is the best public speaker we’ve had at our college. He’s full of life, funny, full of great ideas and stories and really easy to relate to. Not only is he someone to look up to as an example of an incredible leader and entrepreneur, but he didn’t forget to remind us that he’s a young adult just like everyone in the audience, which made everything seem a lot more possible. His thoughts are very simple, but when he showed how they are executed it’s obvious that they bring marvelous results. Furthermore, Escape the Matrix is truly an awesome idea and it has the power to be influential to any student he shares it with!” –Ginelle Testa, Student,  Rivier College

“Jason Connell provides the kind of two-fisted insight, guidance, sheer joy and wisdom – even for his youth – that easily energized our students to volunteer and get active helping others. Bravo!” -Everette J Freeman, University President, Albany State University

“Jason’s presentation was phenomenal. He kept the audience engaged and intrigued by his well-rounded and informative knowledge. Whether you’re a crew member at McDonald’s, a manager, or a CEO Jason will help you to be a leader of today, tomorrow and the future!” -Steven Foley, Ohio State University, Newark

“Jason Connell is a thought provoking, yet eloquent magician of language. His vast experiences that have made a huge impact on the world, and his knowledge of business and social entrepreneurship were enlightening and inspiring. His presentation style was easy to follow along with and kept the audience’s attention unlike any other speaker I have seen.” –Hunter Pritcard, Mentor, Compass Partners

“Escape the Matrix and Lead” was a red pill that you swallowed just by sitting down and listening. Jason Connell’s presentation on opens doors you never knew were there as he delves into the distractions that keep us from ourselves. Everyone left the hall analyzing their leadership tendencies, but more importantly, asking themselves the question: “Am I happy?” -Jordan Gray, student senate, Millersville University

“Escape the Matrix and Lead is new and innovative. Crazy fun and inspirational.” -Brenna Burgess, Stetson University

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Connell when he came to speak at Penn State DuBois. I was very excited to hear Changing the World 101 and I must say Jason’s presentation far exceeded my expectations. Changing the World 101 is a phenomenal program for so many reasons. Not only does it pull at your heartstrings, it pumps you up and makes you want to get more involved. It has a great message, and it really does open your eyes to all the unnecessary suffering, and injustice in our World.  My favorite thing about his program however is the fact that not only does Jason share his stories and experiences, but he actually shows you how to get involved…

So often people want to help but they don’t know how. They are worried about safety, or the legitimacy of an organization or they simply don’t know where to start. Jason eliminates any excuse a person might have because he lays out exactly how to get involved. From helping out at home, to actually making a trip and volunteering, Jason gives you all the resource you could possibly need. He shares websites, organizations, tips and information, all things that he personally has used. Getting out there and making a difference can be a scary thought, at times it can even seem unrealistic. Changing the World 101 was so refreshing because it showed me it really is possible to make a difference, and to be the change our world needs. After all ‘the world changes one person at a time.'

– Louise Whyte, Penn State DuBois 

“Jason challenged students to think about leadership differently; to see themselves more wholly and connected to others around them.” -Michelle Harper, Student Leadership Specialist, University of Washington Tacoma

“Jason Connell is an amazing educator, speaker and has wisdom way beyond his years.” –Jesse Rosales VP, Party Zone For Kids.

“Honestly, I did not expect this presentation to be good because I thought the name was dorky. But within a minute of your presentation starting I was completely won over. This was one of the best presentations I have been to. It was completely inspiring, persuasive and motivating. It was a great balance of information of what issues are needed to be fixed and real solid ways that regular people can help. I was truly motivated to make a difference after attending this talk.” –Sarah Banker, Student, University of Connecticut

“World traveler Jason Connell offered strategies for volunteering globally and spoke about relevant issues in Africa during his lecture “Changing the World 101″ in a packed Student Union Theatre Tuesday night.” –Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut Read the full article here.

“Jason is a gifted speaker who invigorates his audience by breathing life into the various topics he speaks about. By weaving important principles for any person to know into captivating and relatable anecdotes, Jason builds a true connection with his audience and allows them to relate to and synthesize the rich material.” –Giordano Sordoni, Compass Partners Fellow

“Escape the Matrix and Lead was an exciting, and innovate way to discuss how to grow as a person and a leader.” -Lucy daynes, Westminter College, Center for Civic Engagement

“Jason Connell and his message Escape the Matrix and Lead was completely inspiring. His message is perfect for the beginning leader, and the 109 year old politician! His message can affect a diverse crowd and really hit home to those in search of his/her inner leader. Not only does Jason Connell’s message help leaders, but I believe his “Escape the Matrix” message can help anyone to become a better individual.” Brandy Roberts, Student Body President, West Texas A&M University

“Jason Connell redirected my life. His advice to rid yourself of other options and dedicate to one thing has proven to be life-changing. I now dedicate myself strictly to entrepreneurship and it has allowed me to better set my goals and make real progress. Jason pushed for us to get mentors. I did just that. And now, I’m moving forward in the world of entrepreneurship more than ever before. I learned that you’re not in it all by yourself. There are people out there that want to help.” -Raj Shah, George Washington

“What have you done so far in your life? Can you say that you dropped out of high school and actually achieved great things? Or did you follow the mapped out life that is considered ‘the norm’? Jason Connell visited a student government retreat at Texas A&M this evening and delivered an inspiring speech to our future leaders of America. Not only did he open their eyes to a world of possibilities but he also taught them a lesson on how to make the most out of their connections, networking abilities and leadership skills. Jason created a very successful leadership program and sent out an eye opening message that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. So whether you drop out of school to travel the world or you live a mapped out life, the message these young leaders received has allowed then to be present and understand that if they put their mind to it, they cannot fail. And for that the SGAs across America sent out a ‘Thanks and gig ’em’s from Texas A&M.” Leigh Miller, Student Senator Millersville University of PA

“Jason Connell delivered a phenomenal keynote speech for Colgate University’s HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. He was articulate and deeply engaging. Jason naturally related to the students who left feeling inspired by his passion for effectively creating a better world. Students actually thanked me for having him.” –David Gelman, Student, Colgate University

“I found the presentation to be engaging and empowering.  It was very positive and my students enjoyed it thoroughly. I think the personal experiences help make the presentation real and gave the audience a way to relate and connect on a deeper level.” -Ji Lim, Bonner AmeriCorps Coordinator

“Jason Connell just gets leadership. He has a very rare talent for helping people perform at their highest level. Unlike any other speaker that I have seen – especially on leadership – Jason connects and speaks in ways that are relevant to young adults. Whether you are a student, a student leader, or a recent graduate navigating the worst economy in decades, Jason Connell will provide tools to facilitate thinking, dreaming and achieving even bigger.” –Matt Larson, Campaign Manager for a 2012 US Congressional Race

“Jason Connell, a 25-year old world traveler who inspires others to “Change the World,” provided a stellar beginning to the fall semester as keynote speaker for the 2011 Opening Convocation Thursday afternoon.” –Virginia Intermont College Newspaper Read the full article here.

“Jason Connell is an engaging and entertaining speaker. In his lecture, “Escape the Matrix and Lead,” he began captured his audience by inspiring them to evaluate their own relationship to technology, and then he continued on to deliver a clear yet deeply developed message. A must see for any aspiring leader!” Branson White, Student, University of Central Arkansas

“Connell’s presentation was high-energy and youthful, perfect for the audience he was presenting to. He addressed an incredibly pressing issue that hinders many generations of leaders: technology. Many people, including some of the world’s most prominent leaders, get too caught up in what is called “the matrix” of technology, loyally depending on and serving our cell phones, ipods, and computers. Connell encouraged students to break the cycle; don’t depend on technology. Focus, instead, on people and yourself. Technology takes the life-force out of human interaction. Using a variety of mediums such as powerpoint (which was turned off to emphasize the point of technology dependence), note taking, and the power of the human voice and personal experience, Connell successfully communicated the importance of igniting yourself as a leader and really focusing on human interaction through experience.” -Melissa Looby, Rollins College

“I really think that Jason Connell’s presentation was ‘spot on’ in highlighting the contrasting benefits and negatives of the globalization process based on his person travel experience in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Jason has a very genuine and powerful presentation style that works unbelievably well for our students… You could have heard the sound of a pin dropping at various points during his lecture. The students were engaged and interested. Thanks again for taking the time to come all the way to this corner of Vermont.” –Eric Drouart, Director of the Business Department, Southern Vermont College

“Jason Connell’s lecture “Escape the Matrix and Lead” resonates with students in a way that is interestingly unique. Connell has created a formula to make student’s feel as if he the mentor whose door is always open. In addition to being informative and helpful, Connell’s level of honesty in this lecture is unsurpassed by any other motivational speaker. Through this lecture he makes a connection with students and has sparked a generally lethargic generation into wanting to make a difference.” -Ariael Oliver, student, Delgado Community College

I would say that Jason’s presentation was amazing. I can honestly say that it is life changing and lively. Jason captivates the crowed and becomes a person you will never forget. It’s an amazing presentation that captures all of the senses and draws you in 100%. -Legairre Radden, Student, Central CT state University

“Jason is quite possibly the most relatable speaker we have ever brought in. His ability to talk in a meaningful and personal way, about very serious issues facing our planet and its inhabitants is impressive. Throw in the fact that he is just out of college himself and you are left with an academically stimulating, quick witted, and real-world lecture on how people in our generation can get involved in a hands on way. Not preachy, or haughty, Jason delivers a talk that’s perfect for any intellectually curious student body.” –William Stoetzer, Student Government President, Stetson University

“Jason Connell, a highly recognized figure in his field; thanks to his relentless determination in creating fresh ideas that embarks on a wide-range change. As a visionary, he finds solutions to accommodate the needs of society; as ultimate realists, he knows the importance of getting entire societies involved in changing the system while letting others know about alternative solutions that makes change possible” -STIGmed1a Magazine read the full article here.

“As a former student body president, I know that young leadership is hard to find.  Why?  Not because there’s a lack of passionate and engaged students.  It’s because most students think they don’t know how to lead.  Jason solves that problem.  His relatable approach, dynamic presence, and compelling personal story leave students feeling inspired and in control — and ready to take action.

The strategies and ideas behind Escape the Matrix and Lead will get students out of their dorm rooms, out of their comfort zones, and onto the path to chase their dreams.  I know because I’ve seen it happen.  I highly recommend this program for all student leaders and young adults across the country.” -Mike Zwolinski, Student Government President, Wheaton College

“I attended today’s seminar and I was moved and felt truly engaged during the whole hour. I felt “connected” emotionally and wanted to jump on a plane today to go global! My career of 20 + years has been nothing more than helping others and I tell everyone how much I love my job. I make excuses when it comes to doing things that I’ve always wanted to do. Yet today I heard you speak so highly about not wasting time and acting on those dreams. You are an inspiration.” –Natalie Higbee, Director of Family Supportive Services, Prince of Peace Center

“…I must tell you that some of the students were moved to tears by his challenging, personal, and down-to-earth presentation. Some actually decided to engage in volunteer programs in developing countries.” 

Looking for someone to inspire and empower students? Looking for someone to help students get a better understanding of life on earth, especially in the developing countries? Looking for someone to connect to college students as few speakers can? Then be sure to consider Jason Connell.

I am talking from the experience after having invited Jason a number of times to speak in my classes, especially the “Challenge of Peace” class. He was so well received that he was later invited to peak to some 250 students as part of the First Year Studies Program.His discussion on HIV/AIDS and poverty issues in South Africa as well as his take on international conflicts in Uganda are the result of his first hand experience as a volunteer in both of these countries. I must tell you that some of the students were moved to tears by his challenging, personal, and down-to-earth presentation. Some actually decided to engage in volunteer programs in developing countries.

Jason, fresh out of college, “connects” with college students. He engages them as he speaks their language even as he presents himself with a professional and engaging demeanor. He is particularly adept at addressing the myths that prevent students from acting. He talks about how much easier it is for people to get involved than it seems as he suggests ways for students to elicit funding for volunteering in developing countries. He concludes with the negative and positive effects of international development as well as how students can get involved, both at home as well as by traveling internationally. He also fields questions with the same engaging and professional demeanor as his presentation.

The Office of Student Development has just negotiated with Jason to return to Rivier College for yet another presentation during the 2009-2010 academic year. His message fits perfectly well with our mission of transforming hearts and minds to serve the world. If you are interested in Changing the World 101 from the perspective of someone who speaks passionately from experience, I recommend Jason Connell without any reservations whatsoever.

 -Dr. Paul Demers, Chaplain, Rivier College

“I give the presentation from Jason Connell about Escape the Matrix and Lead 5 stars! It is a great presentation that really made the listener think about him or herself in a way they may have not ever thought of. It allows the listeners to be honest with themselves and be the type of leader that is right and stands out at the same time. It is a great presentation that I could go through again and again.” -Taylor Farrell, Student Senator, Texas A&M University at Galveston

“If you thought the Matrix movie series was exciting, you have to check out Jason Connell’s Escape the Matrix and Lead lectureship series.  He breaks down 6 easy steps to help turn anyone into a better leader, better person, and better philanthropist.”-John Evers, Student Senator Texas A&M University Kingsville, TX

“Jason gave an absolutely amazing presentation. He kept the entire audience engaged through interactive activities and relatable anecdotes. Time flew by and I left wanting to hear more. I would love to see him speak again!” -Nicole Mortemier, Mentor, Compass Partners

“As I review my notes from your presentation about Escaping the Matrix and service, I just wanted to thank you for your insights and dedication to leadership.  After leaving each of your presentations I felt more knowledgeable and confident in my leadership abilities. I look forward to hopefully meeting you again in the future and hearing more of your presentations.  With your insights I believe our Senate can make Bowling Green State University an even more spectacular place for higher education. Thank you again for all your help and I hope to remain in contact in the future as some of our endeavors come to fruition.” -David W. Neely, Student Govt Senator, Bowling Green State University 

“Jason Connell captured his vision and made his future. After his presentation, you can too.” -Jacob Douglas, Student, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

“The presentation was engaging, insightful and greatly executed.” Derrick Garcia, student senator, New Mexico State University

“The presentation was inspiring as well as life changing. I feel truly lucky and blessed that I was able to attend and to hear your presentation. Many of the concepts that you touched upon really drove home with me and allowed for me to make more positive changes in my life; personally and for a career as well. Your advice was truly exceptional about finding a mentor and I am taking it to heart along with finding time for myself within my hectic schedule of being on SGA, a collage track team and as an Resident Assistant. On behalf of myself and Central Conneticut State University thank you.” -Legairre Radden, Student, Central CT State University

“His clever use of humor engaged his audience I found the information helpful and very relevant to my life.” Maggie Sierras-Trotts, Events Coordinator, University of Alabama Huntsville

“There is certainly something to be said about a society that prides itself on consistently revolutionizing its technologies at an ever quickening pace, but never quite seems to be able to turn those innovations into a positive influence on their psyche. Jason Connell sought to provide an answer to this conundrum with his lecture, “Escape the Matrix and Lead.” Presenting a life-altering alternative for the run of the mill technophile, Connell advocates letting go of the technologies that bind mankind to the electro-grid of mental enslavement. Oh how proud Heidegger would be. Also stressing other valuable tips on making effective personal connections and “owning” your passions, Jason manages to pull his personal philosophy together into a digestible lesson for the rising leader.” Michael Murhphy, student, University of Central Arkansas

“Jason, Thank you for sharing your experience and enthusiasm with us at UConn. It was incredibly refreshing to witness someone from the same generation so passionately dedicated to evoking change in the world, and in such a successful position of doing so.  Honestly, I’ve never witnessed a more effective, engaging, and approachable public speaker.” –Paul Banach, Student, University of Connecticut

“Escape the Matrix and Lead gave me a better understanding of what was going on in the world and how I could be a leader and help my community. I wanted to do something good for my community after hearing this presentation. It was great!”  –Ariel Sacco, Student, Rivier College

“Jason, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to see that I wasn’t being ridiculous thinking I can go out and make a difference. I was too busy being afraid and thinking it could never really happen to even try. I’ve always settled for a lifestyle and a major that will guarantee me a job around here and i hate it. Now I’m fundraising for Costa Rica and talking to my church and mission about going to the Sudan. You really impacted me and my future. Thank you.” –Alicia Robbins, Student, Penn State Shenango

“Jason, thank you so much for being part of our panel during the UNH Basic Injustice campus engagement week. Your infectious passion to change the world and those around you resonated through your words and allowed students to explore their direction in life. Thank you for bringing a fresh look to an old idea.” –Basic Injustice Team, University of New Hampshire

“Jason, I would like to thank you again so much for coming to Plymouth State!! Your presentation and workshops were really helpful and relevant to us. You made me realize that I too can volunteer globally and help make a better planet.” –Allison Shenloogian, Student, Plymouth State University

“Hey Jason! So I was at your presentation at Uconn and I thought it was GREAT! For many years I have been dying to get involved in volunteer opportunities in Africa, and your presentation made it seem so much more possible.” –Kayla Rutland, Student, The University of Connecticut

“Jason was so engaging and energetic about his experiences and his outlook on life itself. The program was absolutely amazing and so inspiring!” –Amber Wolfgram, Student, the University of Connecticut

“Working for Jason…wasn’t. That is, it wasn’t work. Instead, it was one of the most creative and inspiring experiences I’ve had — ever. Helping Jason articulate his vision and connect with the people and organizations who *need* his insights was a joy and delight, for he is not an ordinary speaker with an ordinary message. He’s a visionary, graced with the ability to inspire, inform, influence and IMPROVE. He’s a difference-maker, a life-changer, and that I played a role — a small one, but a role nonetheless — in helping him perform his important work remains one of the highlights of my career. Frankly, the world needs more Jason Connell, and when I see him on CNN, on the cover of Time, winning the Nobel Peace Prize or, hey, even asking me for my vote, I’m going to say: “AHA! I knew it!” And I’m sure I won’t be the only one — not even close.” –Jason Kalra, Writing Consultant, Abundant Words

“Escape the Matrix and Lead was awesome! It opened my eyes to the fact that just because I don’t get something right the first time, it doesn’t make me a failure.” –Melissa Graves, Student, Rivier College

“…I now have the honor and privilege to call Jason a friend.  He has been highly active in my own volunteer experiences in Uganda. Changing the World 101 opened up doors for new experiences, and gave not only myself but also my peers the opportunity to get a look inside cultures around the globe and how to integrate within those communities.   Ultimately without the help of Jason, my international humanitarian work would not have been possible.”

Did he say that you can actually change the World? Well, yes in fact he did. Jason Connell’s volunteer experiences in the developing world and passion towards making the world a better place are heavily integrated into his presentation: Changing the World 101.

Jason’s presentation and the stories that he has to share bring a harsh reality to the viewer’s attention: that there are people all over the world that are subjected to poverty, violence, and disease with little hope of aid or recovery. Yet Jason stands as a shining example of an individual who is able to shrink overwhelming odds and have a positive impact on those less fortunate.

Changing the World 101 teaches people of all ages and backgrounds the importance of facing your fears and how to volunteer internationally in order to have mind-expanding, life blowing experiences while helping others. I first met Jason when he came to speak at Plymouth State University. Jason was very outgoing and willing to spend extra time with several student organizations and even ran a workshop series on his own time.

Jason has the knowledge and experience to provide people with opportunities on how to volunteer internationally, obtain funding for their volunteer experience, and how to overcome unfathomable odds. So, does that answer your question? Good, because Jason is living proof of the power an individual can have in the world.

I now have the honor and privilege to call Jason a friend. He has been highly active in my own volunteer experiences in Uganda. Ultimately without the help of Jason, my international humanitarian work would not have been possible. Changing the World 101 opened up doors for new experiences, and gave not only myself but also my peers the opportunity to get a look inside cultures around the globe and how to integrate within those communities.

I highly recommend Jason’s presentation not only for its content, but the message and example that the speaker brings to the table. Jason has the ability to grab and captivate an audience and leave them feeling empowered and inspired to go out and change the world.”

Bryan Funk, Student Government President, Plymouth State University

“Jason made me feel that my dreams can actually come true!” –Mary Biekert, Student, The University of Connecticut 

“…I left Jason’s talk with one thing in mind: I can do anything. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. I have personally been inspired by Jason. Because of his presentation I applied to volunteer in South Africa, and have been accepted!  Jason has really made a difference in my life, as well as so many others.”

”I have always wanted to volunteer my time, but I never understood how to go about doing so – my life is busy already and the problems of the world seem too big.

Then one e-mail changed everything.

It was about a presentation coming to Rivier given by a recent college graduate who decided to take on one big challenge: make the world a better place. My friends and I went to see Jason’s talk, and it wasn’t just moving – it was life-changing. Literally.

He spoke about his travels and his volunteer efforts including his work at an HIV/AIDS relief camp in South Africa. He spoke about why we shouldn’t be afraid to go out and help the world, to try and make it a better place for everyone. He was very encouraging about how ANYONE can help, no matter how big or how small.

I left Jason’s talk with one thing in mind: I can do anything. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. I have personally been inspired by Jason. Because of his presentation I applied to volunteer in South Africa, and have been accepted! Jason has really made a difference in my life, as well as so many others.”

-Jess Linehan, Student, Rivier College

I thought Changing the World 101 was one of the most educational and interesting lectures that I have sat in on. I really enjoyed it and it really gave me a whole new perspective on volunteering.” –Brittany Keep, Student, Penn State Shenango

“…After Jason’s talk numerous students told me that he was one of the most relevant and engaging speakers they had ever heard. They said that he left them inspired and equipped to get involved with the poorest and least fortunate regions of our planet. In fact several of the students I represent are now getting involved in the developing world because of Jason.

Jason’s talk sets students down the path of enlightened leadership and responsible global citizenry.”

As the Vice President of Concordia University’s Federation of Arts and Science Federation of Associations, I represent thousands of undergraduate students. Many modern students are looking for opportunities above and beyond those offered by immediately entering the work force or continuing on to graduate school. These students want to see the world, they want to lead fulfilling lives, and they want to begin tackling the big-picture problems that our generation is inheriting.

However, when it comes to actively getting involved with the global community even those who are passionate about improving the quality of life on earth tend to feel directionless.

This is where Jason Connell comes in.

After hearing about Changing the World 101 from a friend, I contacted Jason directly. Jason took the time to understand my goals and those of the students he would be addressing. He wanted to ensure that he could provide us with valuable information and experience.

Working with Jason was a pleasure. He kept me involved, ensuring all the way that the presentation he delivered was a perfect fit for my students. Jason exceeded even our highest expectations. His talk gave students a fresh perspective on life in the developing world. More importantly he explained step by step how students could get involved with service in some of the world’s poorest countries. Each step was accessible for the average student.

After Jason’s talk numerous students told me that he was one of the most relevant and engaging speakers they had ever heard. They said that he left them inspired and equipped to get involved with the poorest and least fortunate regions of our planet. In fact several of the students I represent are now getting involved in the developing world because of Jason. Jason’s talk sets students down the path of enlightened leadership and responsible global citizenry.

Dane Perera, Vice President of the Arts and Science Federation of Association, Concordia University 

He’s passionate about the work he does – and it shows – both on and off stage. I guarantee he will leave your students with some thought provoking ideas about ways they can make a positive difference for themselves, your campus, and the larger world community. Our Vice-President for Student Affairs was so impressed by the session opening, that he stayed for the presentation! Jenn White, Associate Director of Student Activities, Plymouth State University

Thank you so much for coming to our campus. You were incredibly inspirational and helped us to see the world through a different lens. Even though you were speaking to the entire group I felt like you were speaking directly to me. As corny as it sounds, you’ve changed my outlook on the world and helped me to chase my dreams.  Alicia Robbins, Student Penn State Shenango



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