The Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator

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Today’s young entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries possess an abundance of enthusiasm, passion and drive — but often lack high-level leadership skills to transform their vision into action.

“We can no longer afford to sit around talking about how to solve the world’s problems. We need socially conscious entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries to become inspired leaders and take ACTION!”

Yet, when they seek to acquire high-level leadership skills, these talented individuals – who hold the future of our planet in their hearts, minds and hands — are either presented with generic “one-size-fits-all” training, or asked to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on personal coaching.

Frankly, these are undesirable and often unacceptable options. And that means young entrepreneurs the world over are thwarted in their attempts to make a lasting and positive impact. It’s time to re-write that tired, tragic story once and for all with The Leadership Accelerator.


The Leadership Accelerator is a groundbreaking accelerated learning experience that blends interaction, engagement and reflection. It’s the ideal program for entrepreneurship conferences, colleges and universities, conferences, businesses, and all other organizations that work with young entrepreneurs who “think outside their bank account,” and are inspired to create positive social change.


Led by Jason Connell, one of the world’s foremost authorities on visionary leadership for young adults, the Leadership Accelerator rapidly equips today’s dynamic young entrepreneurs with the high-level tools and skills they need to take their vision – and their teams, followers and fans — to the next level, so they can:

  • Manage time instead of being managed by time
  • Create extraordinary teams that surpass the “sum of their parts”
  • Attract the right mentors who can take them further and farther
  • Develop a “leadership aura” marked by magnetism, persuasion and influence
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities and push through resistance
  • Escape their comfort zone and embrace the unknown
  • Discover the art of enchantment and the power of meditation
  • Ethically influence others and create fiercely loyal allies and advocates
  • Build valuable networks that exponentially increase opportunities for success
  • …and more!

Ultimately, The Leadership Accelerator is designed to inspire socially conscious entrepreneurs to take ACTION, so they can create a better world today – and a better future, tomorrow.


Unlike generic “one-size-fits-all” training, The Leadership Accelerator is customized. Six weeks before the program is delivered, participants receive a survey to capture their vision, aspirations and potential. This is followed by a comprehensive phone consultation with the Team Leader, to discuss his or her team’s strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and other factors that are holding them back from greatness. Ultimately, all of this data is fed back into the program design to make the learning event unique, relevant, exciting and totally unforgettable.


The underlying structure and inner working of The Leadership Accelerator has been designed in conjunction with an expert teacher and psychologist, in order to ensure that participants rapidly integrate and implement key high-level leadership concepts.


While each expression of The Leadership Accelerator is customized, there is one constant theme that ties them all together: love. Participants will have their eyes – and hearts – opened to the awesome truth that the hardest and most important test of leadership is the challenge to love themselves and others.


Like all Ignited Leadership’s programs, The Leadership Accelerator is guaranteed to be effective. If participants don’t feel that the program has empowered them to make a positive difference in their lives, in their communities, and in our world, they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.

[Note: For over 4 years and across 4 countries, Jason Connell has delivered hundreds of speeches and training events, and not a single participant or organization has ever asked for a refund. In fact, 80% of them re-hire Jason. Read some of their accolades here.]


Representatives of workshops, seminars, conferences, colleges & universities, businesses, and all other organizations that work with entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries can learn more about launching The Leadership Accelerator in their environment by calling 202-595-9387 or emailing Jason@IgnitedLeadership.com.



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