The most awesome things I learned in 2010 – part 3

2010 was a crazy year for me. I did more speaking, more flying, more writing, and less relaxing than ever before. On top of all that I also moved from Montreal to Washington DC. While all of this was truly exciting, it was also deeply stressful. Along the way I learned two things about stress management.

The first I learned while I was in Florida this past April: many mental problems can be solved by taking the time to connect, first to your breath (or the moments between them) and then to yourself. Connecting to your breath is the quick fix. Connecting to yourself is the more permanent fix.
The second I learned just two weeks ago. I was lining up a wildly busy December developing new partnerships around North America, but at the last minute I decided to change my focus for December. Instead of focusing my extra time on business growth, I decided to focus it on relaxing and unwinding.

If you lead a very hectic lifestyle, taking a day or two just to relax and push all thoughts of work away from your mind will make you more calm and confident. To my surprise, it has also increased the caliber of work that I produce.

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