To love anyways

To truly lead is to love anyways.

It is to see the world with all of it’s warts. It is to see the hatred, the violence, the inequality, the apathy, and the poverty that weaves itself into the human condition.

To really lead is to see all of this for what it is. It is to take a deep breath, and then notice the overwhelming beauty and potential that stands shoulder to shoulder with the darkness. To truly lead is to say, “I still love you. I will do what I can to make things a bit better.”

It is to see everything and to love anyways.

If you’re jaded (and who hasn’t been?), here is the process:

Reconnect to your wonder.

Reconnect to your power.


[NB: all of the above holds completely true for your relationship to your team, friends, family, partner, and yourself. The magic happens when you refuse to hold back your time, empathy, and love.]

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