Turning my back on the millionaire boys club

I did two things in 2012 that felt a bit like selling my soul.

1) I gave a speech to a group of successful business owners on how they could use public speaking to build a more profitable business.

2) I had a series of meetings with several wildly successful executives at famous Fortune 500 companies about possibly partnering together to build an organization that makes insane amounts of money.

Honestly, I found these experiences seductive.

To be considered an expert in business, and to rub shoulders with multi-millionaires was exciting. And if I had chosen to pursue either of these opportunities seriously, I could become far richer than I am.

But when I dipped my toe in, pursuing money and business for their own sake felt hollow to me.

I started Ignited Leadership 3.5 years ago with the goal of helping people become the type of leaders who improve our planet, not the type of leaders who make insane amounts of money.

While these things are not mutually exclusive, I want to keep the humanitarian aspect of my work in the forefront, not the economic aspect.

In a way, I’m grateful for these deviant experiences. They made me spot check myself and helped me see which path is the right one for me.

Three and a half years into Ignited Leadership, three and a half years into the post-collegiate “real world” and I still believe that if you aim to do as much good as you reasonably can, your life will be far richer than if you pursue the comparatively easy goal of making as much money as you can.

The two questions I’m asking myself– and the question you should be asking yourself – as 2012 ticks away: what really made me feel alive, happy, successful, connected and authentic this year? How can I get more of that next year?

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