Updating Changing the World 101’s relationship to social responsibility

I am pleased to report that I am updating the business model of Changing the World 101. In my first year, Changing the World 101 was operated as a socially responsible business and I’m happy with how it went. However, I have decided to switch to a social business model. I believe that the difference, though subtle, is important.

A socially responsible business is considered a success if it turns a profit. The structure of an effective socially responsible business is designed so that the business behaves, at least in theory, responsibly. Socially responsible businesses are allowed to use their profits in any way they choose.

Social businesses are considered  successful if and only if they recuperate their operating expenses and can prove that they have achieved specific social aims. Social businesses are required to use their profits to further invest in their social goals.

I am currently drafting Changing the World 101’s social business mandate for my website. I want it to be clear and easy to understand.

Before I post it to the website, I want your feedback. Below, is a draft of Changing the World 101’s social business declaration. I’d love to get your feedback on this – if you have suggestions, criticisms, questions or comments please drop me a line at: Jason at chanigngtheworld101.com.

Changing the World 101’s Social Business Mandate (draft)
Social Business
Changing the World 101 operates under a social business model.  Social business blends the efficiency of the corporate world, with the compassion and vision of the non-profit world.
The success of a social business is measured by the business’s ability to achieve a social objective without loosing money. The end result is an organization that, in it’s own way, can make the world a better place as efficiently as possible.

Social Goals
The mission of Changing the World 101 is to reduce the amount of unnecessary human suffering on Earth. Our current angle of approach employs two methods.

1) Equipping leaders with the drive, clarity-of-vision, and ability to solve the humanitarian problems facing our planet.

2) Actively participating in both grass-roots and top-down international development efforts.

Environmental Responsibility
In the first quarter of 2010, Changing the World 101  partnered with NativeEnergy of Burlington, Vermont to offset its carbon footprint. You can learn more about our initiative with NativeEnergy, as well as the Greensburg Windfarm that we helped fund, here.

Financial Responsibility
All profits generated by Changing the World 101 are being invested in an eponymous research institute to be launched by 2020. The Changing the World 101 institute will collaborate with the best minds in the world to generate proven strategies for the reduction of human suffering.

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