“We all do…”

Last night around 10:00pm I was walking home in Columbia Heights and there was this guy standing on the sidewalk singing at the top of his lungs. He wasn’t busking or asking for money, just singing.

He seemed borderline crazy but he had a really beautiful voice. I said, “Wow, you’ve got a great voice.”

He looks at me a bit disgruntled and mildly frustrated, pauses for a moment, and says, “We all do” and then walks away into the night.

That guy, he blew my mind.

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  1. Susan Rous October 30, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Jason; if there comes a night you forget to text a friend asking what the best part of their day was, you could remind yourself of the guy with the beautiful voice telling you, “we all do…”

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