Why you should embrace insanity

First things first: all of the leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who changed the world were considered insane before they were successful. Three examples:

  • Gandhi claimed he could reform South Africa and India with nothing but faith, desire, and words.
  • Steve Jobs thought he could roll a camera, a phone, a computer, an iPod, and a camcorder, into one small device.
  • Helen Keller thought that she could go to college and improve the quality of life for the disabled, despite being deaf and blind. This is particularly crazy because in her time less than 3% of American women went to college.

Though they seemed nuts, these people weren’t insane at all.

Gandhi fostered racial equality for Indians in South Africa, and helped establish independence for India. Because of Jobs, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Keller blazed the trail to a higher quality of life for the disabled in 40 countries and helped found the ACLU.

Only after these dreamers succeeded did the naysayers realize that the dreamers weren’t insane; the dreamers were brilliant visionaries.

Think about what would have happened if Gandhi, Jobs, and Keller listened to the people who thought they were insane. None of those world changers would have even started. They wouldn’t have achieved a thing. Our world would be a worse place.

Don’t listen, embrace!

If you surround yourself with normal people and you dream big, you’re going to be considered insane.  If you listen to those people, you’re going to begin to believe that you are in fact insane. Don’t listen!

When something is true for you and you can feel it resonating in your bones, don’t listen to the people who call you insane. Just move forward.

Your job: dream big. Really big. When other people tell you that you’re insane, you know you’re on the right track.

Embrace that insanity. It’s exactly what every world changer before you has done. Trust yourself. Find unyielding faith in your vision. To invoke the late Jobs, “…the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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